Media Monitoring  

    What is Media Analytics?

    Media Analytics is a professional radio and TV broadcast monitoring service provided by New Media Lab to copyright agencies and other organisations interested in the monitoring of songs and advertisements played on air. Media Analytics is an effective solution to track song and advertisement usage, prevent piracy, and ensure proper payment of royalties, without any costly or time-consuming manual monitoring or logging. New Media Lab produces detailed and accurate reports, in multiple languages, which can be accessed online or downloaded in the most popular digital formats. The reports can be customised according to the client’s needs and can be integrated with accounting systems for automated calculation of royalties and other uses.

    Using advanced audio fingerprinting technology we can monitor and analyse multiple (virtually thousands) TV and radio stations at the same time. We can analyse analog and digital, terrestrial and satellite radio, TV and even web streams. This, coupled with our comprehensive database of audio tracks, which is updated regularly, places us at the forefront of the industry and makes our offering unique and very advantageous to our customers.

    How it works?

    Media Analytics consists of four separate components:

      •  Database of fingerprinted audio tracks
      •  Logging (broadcast recording) module
      •  Monitoring module
      •  Report delivery system

    The logging (recording) module constantly records the desired broadcast(s) on our servers. The monitoring module, using advanced audio fingerprinting technology, searches the incoming or recorded broadcast(s) for audio fingerprints, which are instantly recognised when compared with the existing fingerprints in the database. If successfully recognised, every occurrence of the song, together with the song title is sent to the report delivery system, which processes the results and generates the reports for clients to view online or to download.

    If a song is not recognised (doesn't exist in the fingerprint database), it is flagged as “unknown” and our administrators will be prompted to add it to the database with all it’s relevant information e.g. song title, author etc. From that moment on, the monitoring software will identify every future and past occurrence of that song.

    Please note: our system is capable of recognising fingerprints for many types of audio, such as advertisements, jingles, and many others.

    Our reports

    The reports we provide to customers are available in various forms. From simple history logs, listing when songs were played, through to detailed reports listing which stations the song was aired on, how often, at what time and which tracks received the highest rotation in selected times and at selected stations and whether the airplay is growing or diminishing.

    Clients can export the reports to external applications (from the web interface) such as Microsoft Excel and others. Additional customised reports and data analysis functions or integration with other systems can be created on demand. Our reports also support multilingual options and can be customised to our client's language requirements.


    If you want to learn more about Media Analytics please contact us and we'll be happy to answer all your questions. Or you can download the PDF brochure.

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    Multimedia cd-rom authoring Melbourne

    An acoustic fingerprint is a condensed digital summary, deterministically generated from an audio signal, that can be used to identify an audio sample or quickly locate similar items in an audio database. Popular searches for Industry Assessment Digital Content Ecosystem Digital Audio/Video Platforms Consumer Usage, Content Rights Content Monetization Industry Trends Predictions Digital Media Digital Rights Managment Trends Watermarking Fingerprinting Watermarking Fingerprinting Trends Growth Enablers Growth Inhibitors market threats The DWM Players Watermarking Fingerprinting in Content Identification Broadcast monitoring Internet Monitoring Metadata association Watermarking as Content Protection Forensics Accountability Copy prevention: Revoking Content in the Consumer Platform Watermarking Role in Digital Rights Management The Network Traffic Cop Watermarking role in content protection moves with the release windows Content Authentication Video Digital Media Search Advanced Interactive Business Models An acoustic fingerprint is a condensed digital summary, deterministically generated from an audio signal, that can be used to identify an audio sample or quickly locate similar items in an audio database. Practical uses of acoustic fingerprinting include identifying songs, records, melodies, tunes, or advertisements; radio broadcast and peer to peer network monitoring; sound effect library management; video file identification; and much more. New Media Lab specialises in the fingerprinting of both music and commercials, so that they can be recognised automatically by computers. The service can be used for broadcast monitoring (e.g. advertisement monitoring, News monitoring) and general Media monitoring. A media monitoring service provides clients with documentation, analysis, or copies of media content of interest to the clients. Services tend to specialize by media type or content type. For example, some services monitor news and public affairs content while others monitor advertising, sports sponsorships, product placement, video or audio news releases, use of copyrighted video or audio, infomercials, "watermarked" video/audio, and even billboards.

Features & Benefits

Scalable and cost effective service
New Media Lab has a long standing relationship with a number of leading software providers in the industry and is an authorised distributor for Eastern Europe and Australia for some of the best packages on the market. As a result, our team is able to select and combine the most suitable and cost effective solutions for our clients. We provide a service of exceptional quality and value for money.

Database with millions of songs
We have a comprehensive existing audio fingerprint database, which is updated regularly. It contains millions of entries and is growing daily. It is our job and commitment to keep the database constantly updated and growing. Also, we make sure that all unrecognised tracks during the monitoring sessions for our clients are promptly added and tagged in the database.

Multilingual support
The reports can be delivered to clients in various languages. There is support for most alphabets, including cyrillic. The metadata for the audio tracks, when entered into the database, can also be in different languages and alphabets.

Monitor 1000s of channels
We can monitor from just a few, to thousands of analog, digital, satellite, terrestrial and webstream radio and TV channels.

Maximum reporting accuracy
Media Analytics has a very high recognition percentage with a minimal level of false hits thanks to its great tolerance for audio disturbances such as noise, crackling etc. This ensures maximum reporting accuracy.

Support 7 days a week
Our friendly staff provide full support to our clients 7 days a week over the phone or via email. Also if your location allows we can drop in and help if needed. Premium 24/7 support can be arranged at extra cost if required.

System maintenance and upgrades
We make sure the system is maintained and upgraded regularly by our staff which prevents any possible blackouts and loss of data. This ensures optimal reporting accuracy and reliability.

Servers in most world regions

We have servers in most world regions, which ensures the speed and efficiency of our service.

If for some reason we currently don't cover a location, new servers can be installed on demand. This would depend on the amount of channels the client wants to monitor.

Sample Reports