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  • Ego Pharmaceuticals came to New Media Lab with an idea to develop a network of multi-site touch screen kiosk and LCD screens for display of product related information and promotional movie clips in a number of national and international retail outlets.

    The system was required to have live content management capabilities from a central server, both for the content of the kiosks and the media display screens. From design point of view, the interfaces for the system had to be inline with existing brand identity of Ego and to be highly intuitive in terms of usability.

    To technologically innovate and develop a complex system with advanced capabilities from the ground up. To create highly appealing visual designs for the look and feel of the system and to push the envelope with an innovative approach to usability.

    To work in conjunction with our partners Sprocket, on the design and selection of the most suitable hardware configuration for an original system with no precedent on the market.

    From the early stages of analysis and planning to the final system deployment stage, New Media Lab followed the best practice procedures and strategies gained as a result of more than a decade of operation. As a result our team was able to deliver on time and within budget a system which revolutionised the way the information and multimedia content is delivered over the net.

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